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We Are A Medicare Centric Insurance Company

But what really makes us different?  What can you gain by joining the Rock Castle Insurance Group Team?


What we offer


  • CRM Tools - To keep you organized, prepared for your activities with clients and track your sales.
    Commissions tracked (coming soon), automated work-flows (coming soon) Auto-recording of calls (coming soon)
  • Social Media Presence - Facebook, Newsletters, Blog Posts to keep you in touch with your clients and pull in more
  • Trainings Weekly - on all things Medicare, because it’s changing (again)
  • Weekly Email updates on all things Medicare to keep you up to date on carriers and what you need to do to build a successful AEP Pipeline
  • Access to your upline for field assistance, we answer the phone!
  • On-boarding, in a Medicare space - how to get started and make an impact
  • Sales technique trainings
  • Assistance in building a marketing strategy catered to your preferences
  • Field Opportunities and Vendors Shared with you - to make managing your book easier

Uplines DON’T TAKE LEADS, your leads or ones we dig up, belong to you, the agent/broker, no “Cherry-picking”, no shorting your commissions because you didn't "self-gen" the lead.